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My studio is in the green mountains of Vermont where I have lived with my family since 1972. I worked part time as an art teacher in the public schools and am now retired and devote my time to my artwork. My background is as an oil painter - in the late 90's I discovered monotypes, a 'painterly' form of printmaking and devoted my time to this process. I also began writing poetry durning this time. More recently, I have returned to painting and continue to write.


I received an MFA in painting in 1987 from the Vermont Studio Center and Goddard College. In 2010 I received a grant from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for a workshop with an inspirational teacher, Tim Hawkesworth and began painting in earnest again after a ten year break.
Most of my work is landscaped based, inspired by my encounter with nature – the expansive experience of the dampness of a glade, flash of a snake, call of a crow and the animated presence of trees. 
These are as vital to my work as the visual and spatial forms of the land.
My purpose is to capture the resonance of place and stay present to its mystery.  The paintings are strongest when I forget myself – my conscious intentions and judgments - and trust my hand to move freely, guided by an intuitive, emotional and spiritual connection and sense of belonging.


I turned to writing poetry about 2000 when I came to an impasse with painting. I have attended many workshops and have a wonderful local writing group. My poetry has been published in a variety of literary journals and a chapbook entitled, Turnings in 2009. Although the poems and paintings are rarely directly connected to each other, they both begin in what I call "the place of poety".


In 2001, along with starting to write poetry, I began to explore other forms of visual art and fell in love with monoprints, enjoying their exploratory, experimental nature. I worked primarily as a monoprint artist from 2001 until I began painting again in 2010. You can view and find out more about the monoprint process ion the Print Studio pages.


Here is a link to a PDF file of a FULL RESUME.

Marian Willmott, Hinesburg, VT  • •  802 482-3131