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The design process is a four step collaborative process:

1) Planning and Gathering Information
2) Design Considerations
3) Execution
4) Launch and Maintenance

You will be able to view the development of your site online and give feedback throughout the process.


Step 1 - Planning and Gathering Information

  • What is the goal or purpose of your site:
    Information, sales, education, etc.?
  • What information will the site present:
    Products, galleries, classes, bios, etc.?
  • What images will be used:
    How many and what size?

Step 2 - Design Considerations

You will may choose a pre-designed theme or a custom site.

I will work with your input on the following to develop the site:

· Layout - Where and how things are placed on each page
· Navigation bar - position on page, links, colors, attributes
· Banner - Title, name, and/or logo
· Images - Good quality, properly sized and compressed images
· Background - color, texture, and/or pattern
· Type - font, size, color
· Interactive Forms - registration, questionnaire, etc.
· Multimedia - music, video, animations, slideshows
· Blog - Receive comments postings

Step 3 - Execution

I will stay in close touch with you throughout this process in order to fine tune the site to your preferences.

Step 4 - Launch and Maintenance

I will help you to get the site up and running. This includes:
· Domain name
· Host provider
· Web Optimization for Search Engines
· Content Management - updating info on your site

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To schedule a consultation click here or call - 802 482-3131

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